Treatment options include endourologic (transurethral), percutaneous, laparoscopic and reconstructive surgical interventions, as well as full range of conservative treatment methods.

Primary and recurrent (in case of unsatisfactory results of previous interventions performed at other institutions) surgical interventions are performed when disorders listed below are presented:

Hydronephrosis: pyeloureteroplasty; endoscopic transurethral pyeloplasty – renal pelvis stenting.

Megaloureter (ureterohydronephrosis): endoscopic transurethral ureteral stenting; endoscopic bougienage and dissection of ureterovesical junction; ureter reimplantation; antireflux interventions.

Vesico-ureteral reflux: endoscopic correction using various implants (stable and unstable); antireflux interventions.

Ureterocele: endoscopic dissection.

Multicystosis: laparoscopic nephrectomy (multicystic kidney removal).

Nonfunctioning kidney: the most sparing approach based on detection of reason of renal malfunction, with temporary drainage of affected kidney (puncture nephrostomy or internal drainage – stenting), and strict indications for further sparing reconstructive operation or organ-resecting operation; laparoscopic or retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy.

Renal cysts: puncture treatment using ultrasonographic control.

Urethral posterior valve: endoscopic resection of the valve.

Urethral stricture or stenosis: endoscopic correction; urethroplasty.

Extrophy of bladder and epispadia: primary and recurrent cystoplasty; bladder neck plastic surgery; bladder volume expansion using intestinal segment; genitoplasty and urethroplasty; surgical treatment of urinary incontinence.

Hypospadia and other penis malformations: correction of any malformation; correction of cavernous body deformation; modern methods of urethroplasty; posthioplasty; treatment of complications of previous operations.

Abnormalities of testes location and number (cryptorchidism, ectopy): testicle bringing down, laparoscopiс diagnostics.

Varicocele: choice of surgical correction method, including testicle angiography and single-step intravascular embolization of vessels; ligation of testicular veins (e.g. laparoscopic); microsurgery; applying vasoanastomoses.

Operations in hydrocele, inguinoscrotal herniae and spermatic cord cysts withusing of modern microsurgical technologies; gonadoprotective treatment with assessment of reproductive risk and its’ maximal subsequent reduction.

Urinary incontinence of different origin: implantation of continence systems; plastic surgery of lower urinary tract.