Patients suffering from various urologic disorders can be hospitalized to the Center of Endoscopic Urology and Andrology from any region of the Russian Federation, as well as from abroad.

No allowance is required for survey and treatment (high-tech medical care and in-patient care) performing at the Center. We provide medical care for children suffering from urinary tract disorders, aged from 1 month till 18 years old. Patients reside with their parents in comfortable cubicles or semi-private rooms.

Modern diagnostic equipment makes it possible to perform:

Magnetic resonance tomography and computed tomography including contrast examination.

X-ray examinations including functional examination, examination using intravenous and local contrast.

Ultrasonographic examination in urology and andrology including Doppler sonography and pharmacological tests.

Urodynamic examination of upper and lower urinary tract.

Instrumental and endoscopic diagnostics (urethroscopy, cystoscopy, ureteroscopy, pyeloscopy, kidney biopsy, bladder biopsy).

Laboratory diagnostics of urinary tract condition; prediction of disorder development: biochemical, immunological, microbiological tests and markers.